Miller Industries Rolls Out the 100-Ton Rolling Rotator, the Century M100

miller industries, century m100

— Miller Industries Towing Equipment Incorporated unveiled the world’s first-ever 100-Ton Rolling Rotator this past week and was named the Century M100, on Tuesday in Chattanooga.

  • The rotator’s abilities were engineered, tested and documented to the highest SAE standards, says Miller Industries.
  • According to Miller Industries, the M100 project was originally called “project Wildwood” to help maintain secrecy during its two-year development process.
  • Miller Industries says its staff put in over 10,000 engineering hours and many excellent manufacturing feats to create the unique rotator.
  • This rotator demonstrates a giant leap in advancement from previous designs according to Miller Industries.
  • It offers a powerful rolling platform, and the specially designed custom roller system provides a smooth 147 inches of turret travel when the boom is under load.
  • This allows the boom system to roll forward and backward while positioning heavy loads while giving operators maximum flexibility during rough recovery.
  • The M100’s recovery boom extends to 48.5 feet, allowing for superior recovery capability on the job site according to Miller Industries.
  • Miller Industries says the M100 is extremely stable with its 25-foot outrigger stance and 53.4-foot hook height.
  • The M100 has a working area of more than 8,200 square feet, and the recovery boom rotates a full 360 degrees continuously Miller Industries says.
  • The rotator comes with a dual 65,000 lb. capacity main recovery winches and two 30,000 lb. turret auxiliary winches according to Miller Industries.
  • Miller Industries provides the option for adding up to two additional 30,000 lb. drag winches mounted on the underside of the unit to give operators up to six winches for maximum recovery capabilities.