Car Carrier Buying Tips

Within the Miller Industries line of car carriers offered by East Penn Truck Equipment, there are ChevronVulcan, and Century brand carriers.  Outside of the Industrial carriers, there are also two basic kinds of carrier designs; Conventional and LCG™ (Low Center of Gravity).  While the carrier functionality is not different, the design of the LCG™-style of carrier allows a lower deck height, providing a center of gravity that aids in significantly reducing the approach or load angle of the carrier deck, as well as keeping the height of the loaded carrier as low as possible for transport of tall loads.

These benefits provide better maneuverability when loaded, as the loaded carrier becomes less “top-heavy”.  The lower platform also provides ergonomic and safety benefits when loading and securing a loaded vehicle on to the carrier deck.  The LCG™ platform is lower to the ground, helping to limit the need to climbing on the carrier deck to secure the vehicle.  With the LCG™ carriers, it is easier to reach the chain slots on the deck during securement due to their lower height.

While the benefits of an LCG™-style carrier are fantastically superior to most other brand carrier designs today, the other option of a Conventional carrier might be all you need.  We recognize that all needs are not the same, and with the Conventional-style of car carrier we are able to provide a low approach angle for recovery, and while not near as low as the LCG™-style, this load angle is sufficient for recovering most standard automobiles.  If you don’t find yourself recovering or transporting high-end low-profile sports cards, then it is possible that you might not need an LCG™ carrier.  There are also specific chassis requirements with the LCG™-style that can sometimes make choosing a chassis for a conventional-style carrier easier.

One thing is for certain, you don’t want to find yourself wishing you could recover that high-end sports car. Call one of our professional sales assistants to help you build your next car carrier.