Towing Flexibility

Towing, for many businesses, is the highest daily generator of revenue for the company.  The flexibility of having a medium-duty truck in your fleet provides additional recovery capability, while also providing a versatile range for towing.

The Medium-Duty units from East Penn Truck Equipment, like the Century® 3212 16-Ton integrated wrecker, come standard with an underlift that is to scale with the larger heavy-duty wreckers.   This versatile underlift is capable of towing passenger cars and road tractors alike.  Having the flexibility to use the same heavy-duty-rated forks for towing fixed-frame inner-city trucks and then be able to tow passenger cars with the included wheel-grids, is what truly sets the Miller Industries medium-duty underlift apart from others in its class.  The Miller Industries medium-duty underlift also boasts the lowest profile crossbar in the towing industry.

Our standard 12,000 lb.-rated medium-duty pivoting crossbar has about the same clearance as that of Miller Industries’ autoloaders.  The flexibility the medium-duty underlift provides allows you to accomplish a wide range of towing from small passenger vehicles to towing school buses, box trucks, smaller RV’s, and even road tractors from the rear.

Not only did we engineer superior clearance, but we also designed the largest bearing surface of any other medium-duty crossbar.  The large bearing surface translates to increased durability over the life of the wrecker, because the forces from the load are dispersed over a larger area.  This reduces both the friction and wear on the bearing to help keep you towing year after year.  Rest assured, with this underlift, you can get the job done.

Combine all of this with the removable wheel-grid extensions for the crossbar, add a redesigned fork holder with a wide range of adjustment, and you have a perfect mix for all your towing needs.

Wheel lifts have rapidly become a necessity for efficient everyday towing.  We, at Miller Industries, understand this, and that is why we deliver two types of L-Arms or scoops standard on each medium-duty wrecker we sell.  The lighter weight aluminum alloy L-Arms provide up to 4,000 pounds of towing capacity when placed in the wheel grids.  This is ideal for towing passenger cars and light-duty trucks and vans.  Using this same standard light-weight 4,000 lb.-rated aluminum L-Arms combined with a set of dollies and you have a great solution to tow most anything- even up to a stretch The Century® 3212, Vulcan® V-30, and the Chevron™ 1016 16-Ton integrated wreckers from Miller Industries, when paired with the standard 6,000 lb.-rated steel L-Arms, can tow parcel delivery or box trucks with an ideal turning radius for inner-city environments.