Winching Power

Winching power during a tough recovery makes all the difference.   Whether looking at the Century® 3212, Vulcan® V-30, or Chevron 1016 medium-duty integrated wreckers, one performance factor that makes them all stand out is their superior winching ability.  Each unit comes equipped from the factory with dual 15,000 lb.-rated planetary-gear recovery winches.

These twin recovery winches are custom DP brand winches that are specially designed for Miller Industries by the Tulsa Winch Group and are only available through Miller Industries distributors.  These exclusive DP winches are mounted at the base of the recovery boom adding more weight forward on the unit and thus helping with front axle weight during towing.  During recoveries, the low position of the winches helps to maintain a low center of gravity on the truck during hard winching situations.  The position of the winches relative to the entire wrecker puts them toward the center of the unit.  The center position of the winches also maximizes the stability of the unit during tough recoveries.

As mentioned above, having plenty of low mounted anchor points on the wrecker provides even more performance by adding the opportunity for lower and more stable pulls during hard winching or pick/pull scenarios.