Balancing is Crucial

Forward-weight design in wreckers is not a new concept, but it is one that really matters in a wrecker, especially when towing.  In order to maximize a wrecker’s towing ability, the wrecker must maintain as much front axle weight as possible to counter the added weight of the casualty on the underlift at the rear.   Therefore, it is critical that the wrecker’s design provides for as much front axle weight as possible.  This is where the design of our medium-duty wreckers comes into play.  Some wrecker manufacturers use counter-weights in the front of the wrecker body to create balance and add towing capacity.  The downside to using counterweights is that it increases the overall weight of the unit, negatively impacts fuel consumptions, tire wear, and in some cases reduces the amount of storage capacity for the wrecker due to GVWR restrictions of the truck chassis.  At East Penn, we utilize a superior design to achieve the unmatched benefits in towing ability for your vehicle.