Since 1997, Dakota Bodies has been designing and manufacturing utility and service truck bodies.

At Dakota Bodies, Design Engineering is an important service in the process of manufacturing quality and effective bodies for every market. Whether you have a complete spec in mind or need input on design and capabilities the design team at Dakota is there to help. Combining state of the art software with decades of experience. There is little that will be missed when it comes to the functionality of a Dakota Body. If you find yourself wondering if it can be done, ask. Their design team will be able to answer the questions or inform you of other available options to make sure you receive the most functional body for your application.

In manufacturing, the equipment you have is as important as the people running it and at Dakota Bodies that is no different. With state of the art fabrication equipment, products are set up for a quick and successful trip through our shop. This provides faster turnarounds of all bodies, boxes and accessories. The streamlined, hard-working environment at Dakota is second to none and provides the quality expected from their customer base every time.